Drama And Theatre Studies

Drama And Theatre Studies

Drama And Theatre Studies

Drama And Theatre Studies

  • The AS Drama and Theatre Studies course offers many exciting opportunities for those of you wishing to take your interest in Drama to a higher level. You will develop your practical skills as performers (or potential theatre directors, designers or technicians), while also extending your theoretical understanding of the subject. The course will cover a broad range of theatre experiences, from the study of a Set play to analysing the work of contemporary theatre makers through regular visits to the West End, the National and other highly regarded theatre venues; you will also develop your own practical skills by preparing play extracts to perform.

    60% of the AS course covers practical theatre skills and will involve you in the preparation of TWO play extracts from contrasting periods and in different styles (for example an extract from a Shakespeare play contrasted with an extract from a contemporary piece)

    40% of the AS course covers the academic study of performance texts, looking at their background and context but also the practical issues involved in staging the play. You will learn to write about the play from the performer, director and designer’s point of view. This year’s Set Play is “Hedda Gabler” by Ibsen; other texts for AS have included “Antigone” , “Much Ado about Nothing” and “Jerusalem”. The written exam also requires you to write about plays you have seen in the theatre during the course, when you will be asked to analyse and evaluate the work of contemporary theatre makers. War".

  • Students will develop practical skills as performers and makers of drama; you will also learn to become informed and discerning members of an audience through regular visits to West End theatre productions.

    You will learn how to apply performance and production skills through the making of drama and theatre. Your knowledge of the theoretical aspects of drama will be developed and you will learn to apply appropriate terminology. You will also develop your skills of interpretation as you study plays from different periods and genres and learn to make evaluative judgements of the theatre that you watch.

  • Students will choose the play texts to perform for the Practical component. Most will probably wish to be principally involved as Actors but others may wish to be assessed in other areas such as Direction, Costume, Set or Mask Design or for Technical Elements (Lighting and/or Sound).

  • The courses will be taught by two teachers.

  • It is not necessary to have studied GCSE Drama. More important are enthusiasm, a genuine interest in the subject and a commitment to working with others as part of a creative team.

  • Component 1: Interpreting Drama (Written Exam) is a 2 hour exam, worth 40% of the total marks.

    Component 2: Process and Performance (Practical Exam) – the performance of TWO contrasting play extracts is worth 60% of the total marks. Half of these marks are awarded for an accompanying written Portfolio. Both this and the performances are internally marked by your teachers and then moderated by the board, AQA.

  • This course offers a useful foundation for anyone interested in developing a career in the Performing Arts, as an actor, director, designer or technician. There are also career paths available in Arts Administration and Education which students sometimes choose to follow. Those wishing to take their academic study of Theatre to a higher level by applying to take a Drama Degree would be well advised to opt for this course.