• The course provides students with the opportunities to develop their basic Chemistry skills of formulae and equation writing, calculating quantities including energy changes and their understanding of atomic structure and chemical bonding. The rate, direction and extent of chemical change are studied in a qualitative way. The core principles of organic Chemistry are introduced. Green Chemistry and climate change are also studied.

  • Both AS and A2 courses teach and develop a number of skills including the handling of apparatus, data analysis, practical and written research and problem solving based on laboratory situations. There are opportunities in the AS and Advanced GCE in Chemistry for students to see how science and scientists work. Topics are developed within everyday contexts such as climate change and sustainability giving students the chance to appreciate the applications of the core ideas in the course.

  • There is no optional section for this course.

  • Where it is possible students will have one teacher for the duration of the AS and A2 course.

  • The GCSE entry requirement is at least grade “A” in GCSE Science and GCSE Additional Science or at least grade “A” in Chemistry GCSE

  • The course is examined in 2 exam papers.

    Paper 1 and Paper 2 are written exams taken in June. They are composed of both objective and structured questions. There is no practical coursework component.