Drama And Theatre Studies

Drama And Theatre Studies

Drama And Theatre Studies

Drama And Theatre Studies

  • The A-Level Drama and Theatre course enables you to develop your practical drama skills and theatre knowledge to an advanced level. You will study the plays of world-renowned playwrights like Ibsen, Brecht, Chekhov and Tennessee Williams; you will be taken on regular theatre visits to London’s West End to develop your critical and evaluative skills; you will have the opportunity to create and perform your own original piece of Devised Drama and you will have the chance to perform three Extracts from a range of different plays and periods in order to challenge yourself as an actor.

    40% of the course will prepare you for a written exam, (Component 1 Drama and Theatre). For this you will study TWO set plays (for example “Hedda Gabler” by Henrik Ibsen and “Metamorphosis” by Steven Berkoff). You will also be required to write about the plays you have seen in the theatre during the course (one question on the work of theatre makers in a single live theatre production).

    60% of the course covers practical theatre skills and will involve you in the preparation of an original Devised Performance (Component 2 Creating Original Drama) and in the Performance of Three Play Extracts from published plays - each in a different style and period (Component 3 Making Theatre)..

  • Students will develop practical skills as performers and makers of drama; you will interpret play-scripts; create characters; develop your vocal and physical skills; you will work collaboratively with others and will learn how to organise and produce a performance. You will be taught production skills (how to design sets and costumes; how to do the lighting and sound for a show; how to rehearse and how to co-operate with other members of a team. You will develop your usage of specialist theatre terminology and broaden your understanding of the cultural, social and historical context of plays.

    You will develop your writing skills and be taught how to structure essays and how to use evidence and research to support your ideas. You will also develop your analytical and thinking skills and learn to work independently and how to contribute creatively to a group performance.

  • You can opt to be assessed in any one of a number of theatre skills: as an actor, a director, a designer or stage technician. Most students opt to be assessed as performers but the other choices are there. The Devised piece allows for a degree of choice in terms of the subject matter and style of the play (for example, Docudrama or Physical Theatre or Feminist Theatre). There is also plenty of choice available in the Three Play Extracts chosen for the other practical component. (For example, in order to cover breadth and range students might opt for scripts by writers as diverse as Shakespeare, Noel Coward and Caryl Churchill for their 3 extracts).

  • The courses will be taught by two teachers.

  • It is not necessary to have studied GCSE Drama. More important are enthusiasm, a genuine interest in the subject and a commitment to working with others as part of a creative team.

  • The Written Exam is a three hour, open book exam worth 40% of the total marks. The Devised Performance is internally marked and worth 30%; the Play Extracts is externally marked and worth 30%. Both practical components include a piece of writing – a Working Notebook and Reflective Report - which needs to accompany the performance.

  • This course offers a useful foundation for anyone interested in developing a career in the Performing Arts, as an actor, director, designer or technician. There are also career paths available in Arts Administration and Education which students sometimes choose to follow. Those wishing to take their academic study of Theatre to a higher level by applying to take a Drama Degree would be well advised to opt for this course.