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he Year 8 Science Fair celebrated its 8th anniversary on 15th July and as always the Great Hall was
a colourful sight, decorated with bunting, balloons and display tables in House colours. The scientific
investigations of every student in year 8 were on show. Each student had chosen their own question and
this year their interests ranged from salt crystals to comets and the solar system, from chocolate and chips
(potato not silicon) to earthquake proof houses, from the speed of snails to pendulums and even pyrotechnic
projectiles. The six judges, all experienced scientists, had a hard job choosing the three best for each house
and one overall winner. This year’s winner was Oliver Medzinskii who investigated The Range of Match-
head Powered Rockets, an investigation that was imaginative, fun, planned well, safely executed and clearly
explained. But as in previous years, it was science itself that was the real winner and who knows, we could
have seen one or two of the scientific greats of the future!!
Jackie Hardie
Balloons and Bunting
for Science
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