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ver the years there have been many distinguished speakers at the church service on Foundation Day.
This year the speaker was Rev Rose Hudson-Wilkin. She is Chaplain to the Speaker of the House of Commons,
Chaplain to Her Majesty The Queen and Priest of St. Mary-at-Hill in the city.
One of the pleasures of the position of the headteacher is to invite the speaker. The connection this year
was that as vicar in her previous church, Rev Rose read the banns for my marriage in 2012. She made us very
welcome, indeed invited us into her dining room at the vicarage to complete the necessary paperwork. During
the church services we attended in Hackney Rev Rose always spoke with passion and compassion and always
left the congregation with a practical application of her sermon to implement in their lives. Her sermon on
Foundation Day was no different.
She began by saying that she had not slept the night before, election night. She had already had contact with
a few MPs who had lost their seat; they were seeking pastoral support. Despite lack of sleep she spoke with
energy and held the interest of years 7 and 10 and all the adults. One of her texts was, “They were to be
educated for three years, and at the end of that time they were to stand before the king”, another was,”I press
on toward the goal.” She made the point that one should be one’s own person, not be influenced too much by
what peers are doing and the importance of having a goal and then pressing on towards it.
As ever, the music provided by Junior Singers, an ensemble and the organ and choir was stunning. Senior
Pupils with speaking parts prepared thoroughly and read with meaning and others ensured the smooth
running of the service. The host, Father Stuart Owen greeted the congregation and blessed us as we departed,
in his inimitable way. As ever, the assembly for years 9 and 10 in the Great Hall included performances by
students and a talk by the archivist Mr Granath, always well received.
Traditionally the Chair of Trustees at the Reception after the church service thanks retirees for their service.
Ian Pilsworth, chair until January 2015 made generous comments about Mark Ashfield, Physics, Linda Beskeen,
Deputy Head Curriculum and myself. A gift from the Trustees was presented to each.
The Catering Manager always provides a superb lunch for the Foundation’s guests, this year was no exception.
Latymer’s foundation arises from 1624. The Foundation Day has not been a tradition for that long but I believe
it is a very fitting aspect of the school year. Almost 400 years after Edward Latymer founded the school we
continue to recall his wish to educate students “until the end of the world.” I close by wishing all readers of
this publication well for the future, it has been a delight and privilege to attend 10 Foundation Days, may the
tradition long continue.
Mark Garbett
Foundation Day
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