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his year devoted historians from Latymer took on the ambitious task of creating a history magazine
that would provide pupils with the opportunity to research, write and edit articles on a range of topics and
individuals. Led by an ambitious team of year 13 editors, themes were picked for each magazine and pupils
from years 8 to 13 invited to propose the subjects they wished to write about. The first volume was focused
on ‘history and the arts’, with volume 2 discussing ‘key individuals that shaped history’. After much hard work
on the part of the writers and editors, the results have been astounding and the pupils can feel very proud of
themselves for creating a credible and engaging magazine. Those interested in reading the magazine can find
hard copies around the school and on the school website. We hope the two volumes created this year have
laid the foundations for a long lasting publication that will encourage budding historians for years to come.
Thanks to all those who have contributed, in any way, to the founding of Clio: The Latymer History Magazine
We have a small number of hard copies of both issues; if you would like to purchase one, please contact Niki
Aresti (
The History Department
The Latymer History Magazine
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