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ISSUE 47 - JULY 2015
n the next academic year we welcome a new
head teacher to Latymer, Maureen Cobbett. Mrs
Cobbett is currently head teacher at All Saints’
Catholic Voluntary Academy in Mansfield, a school
which has achieved great success both in terms
of Ofsted and exam results since she took over six
years ago.
Whilst Mrs Cobbett leaves her colleagues with
sadness, she is eager to join Latymer and use her
leadership experience to the benefit of all Latymer
students. “We will continue to work hard as a staff
body to make sure that each and every one of our
students achieves to the best of their ability. I am
a firm believer in setting students clear targets for
success and then working with them to achieve
both academically and personally. An outstanding
school is a good blend of working hard and taking
part in activities outside of the classroom and
Latymer certainly has plenty to offer students in
terms of extra-curricular activities and academic
excellence. The calibre of the students speaks
for itself as you walk around the school and in
to the classrooms” said Mrs Cobbett, “Latymer
is a school steeped in history and I am proud
to have been asked to write the next chapter
of the Latymer story. I have been touched by
the number of people who have contacted me
since my appointment to congratulate me and
wish me well, testimony to the warmth of the
Latymer Community. You can be assured of my
commitment to the school. Joining Latymer School
is an honour and I believe that I have the drive
and experience to take the school on to further
Mrs Cobbett is a mother of two daughters,
one currently at university and the other has
just completed her A levels. “Throughout my
headship” said Mrs Cobbett,“ indeed my teaching
career, I have always looked at the quality of work
and educational provision and asked myself, ʻIs it
good enough for my girls?ʼ and ʻWould I want my
girls to be taught in that class?ʼ If the answer is
ʻYesʼ then I know that what we are doing is right. I
will continue to look at Latymer in the same way,
as young people only get one chance to succeed
and it is my aim to provide them with the very best
educational opportunities”.
We are looking forward to Mrs Cobbett joining the
Latymer community and working with her.
Niki Aresti
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