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Student Spotlight

Student Spotlight

  • My thoughts about the school before I joined Latymer: When I was in Year 2, I first heard about Latymer as a school for really smart children, and so doing the test in Year 6, I was really nervous. When I found out that I had got in, I was really happy; however, in the summer, I started thinking that I would be the odd one out, surrounded by lots of people that would be smarter than me and I wondered if I would fit in.

    The biggest change between primary and secondary school: There was a big difference between my primary school and Latymer. Firstly, there is more homework and we have to move from room to room, unlike primary. Also, you have to carry your bag around everywhere. Now, we also have to buy lunch with cards and have different teachers for every subject, but luckily all my teachers are very nice!

    The most memorable moment from my time at Latymer: Though I am only in my first year, I have already made lots of memories but my favourite (so far) has been the Music at Latymer concert. We had to sing 3 songs: The Hippopotamus Song, Touch The Sky and Alligator Song. My friends and I all had fun that night, both during the concert and when we stayed after school in the canteen and played games with other people.

  • My thoughts about the school before I joined Latymer: Before I came to Latymer I knew it was an amazing school but I thought that the work environment would be very stressful. I assumed that maybe I wouldn't be able to cope with the homework and the amount that would be given, but I now know that isn't the case.

    The biggest change between Primary and Secondary school: This would be the fact that I now have to find my classrooms instead of sitting in the same one for almost every lesson. It is a very big school and easy to get lost in, but luckily I am getting used to it now!

    My most memorable moment from my time at Latymer: Although I have only been here a few months, I have already had many excellent experiences. My favourite memory so far is definitely the Music at Latymer Concert. I had such a great time performing with my new friends and am looking forward to the many more concerts to come!

  • My thoughts about the school before I joined Latymer: When I was in Year 3, I first heard about the school. I had always heard that it was a top school, so I really wanted to join. When I was in Year 6 and had received the news that I had been accepted into Latymer, the level of happiness that was inside me was incomprehensible. I had got into my dream school, that I had admired for 4 years. I was completely overjoyed.

    However, in the summer holidays, negative thoughts filled my head. Will it be strict? Will I make friends? Will I be happy there? It was an amazing school, so I thought it would be very strict. I was somehow dreading the day I would start.

    The biggest change between primary and secondary school In my opinion, the biggest change between primary and secondary school is the drastic change in friends that you have. In primary school, you know lots of people and feel really comfortable, but in secondary school, you have NO ONE to speak to on the first day. Especially for me, who was the only person from my primary school to get into Latymer. I felt really isolated. But in about two days, I had friends and felt settled in. My sense of isolation had vanished.

    My most memorable moment from my time at Latymer so far My most memorable moment from my time at Latymer so far is when I made friends. It marked the end of my time of being uncomfortable at Latymer and the initiation of a new dynasty, where it was pleasant for me to go to. I made a lot of friends, most notably my best friend Kwame, who I am very familiar with as we both have a stammer. I have made most of my memories with my friends, for example when I made a Christmas music song with seven of my friends. It was slightly unusual, but great fun with lots of laughter and enjoyment! It is a memory that will never leave me.

  • My thoughts about the school before I joined Latymer: Before I came to Latymer, I knew about many things that were going to be different from my primary school. I was thinking about things such as the Great Hall, food services, form rooms, and how you wouldn’t have the same teacher for each lesson. As well as this, I knew that there was going to be a crazy new life waiting ahead of me and I couldn’t wait but join the school in order to learn new things and meet new caring friends and teachers, especially my form teacher. However, I was slightly scared and anxious as it was extremely hard to leave my primary school teachers, who I may never see again, and move on so quickly, as these teachers had taught me everything I know throughout my entire life. Furthermore, I also thought about how my new uniform would look compared to my primary school’s uniform and the time that school would finish.

    The biggest change between primary and secondary school: The biggest change between primary to secondary school is probably either the amount of homework I get (normally two pieces a day!) or the fact that I have to wake up earlier than before to get to school on time, as even though Latymer is close to my house, it’s not as close to my house as my primary school was.

    My most memorable moment from my time at Latymer: The most memorable moments from Latymer so far probably include the first days of Latymer where I met new friends and my fabulous form tutor, my first house assembly (which was very different to primary school!) or even the time where I walked through the school’s gates into the amazing Latymer School…

  • My thoughts about the school before I joined Latymer: My hopes for The Latymer School were really very high. I had imagined it would be much bigger in size compared to my primary school. I knew we would study a lot more subjects and that a lot more challenging homework would be given to me. I felt a bit afraid considering what my friends and family were telling me secondary school was like and how it was no laughing matter.

    Only now that I am in secondary school do I realise that the teachers are most helpful and not scary at all. I found out the school is not too big, and teaching is to a very high standard. I have found out the subjects I like and I am learning a lot from my secondary school.

    I now understand why the teachers from my primary school and my parents always encouraged me to do well. I realise they were right and they were just trying to push me to be the best that I can be. Overall, my expectations have been met and I am excited about my upcoming experiences, projects and activities.

    The biggest change between primary and secondary school: The biggest change between primary and secondary school is that I went from being in the oldest year group, Year 6 in primary school, to the youngest year group, Year 7, in secondary school. The size of my primary school was not so big, and so Latymer seemed massive in size: the playground, the people inside, the field, the Sports Hall, the Gymnasium: everything! For the first couple of weeks, it was pretty hard to find my way around. I was always asking people for directions, getting lost, and I went late to class a few times, but now I know my way.

    Graduating from primary school into Year 7 in secondary school was unsettling because some of my friends were hard to say goodbye to. In Year 6, we got to work hard and play a lot and there were some really nice teachers who I found hard to leave; on the other hand, I still see some of my friends from my primary school because a few are also in the same secondary school . I feel lucky because on my first day of secondary school it was nice to see some familiar faces from primary school which helped me to make new friends in secondary school.

    My most memorable moment from my time at Latymer: My most memorable time at Latymer so far has been House Sport: our group did netball in the Sports Hall and we did really well. Even though this was only a couple of weeks after I had joined the school, it was really fun because by then I had started making friends which made me feel comfortable and helped me to talk to other people I didn’t know before.

    Now, I play with those people every day and most of the people I talk to are in my form so I get to see them all the time, and I hope that I get to meet more people like them to make new friends. Believe it or not, there are still quite a few teachers that I am yet to meet, but I look forward to that too.

    I feel very special and supported at Latymer, especially now I have made new friends. I love it when my friends are around and hopefully I won’t be afraid to talk to others and make friends with them some day.

  • My thoughts about the school before I joined Latymer: I had always thought of going to Latymer since I was a little child, as I would always walk past Latymer when I went to my Primary School. Many people I knew tried to go to Latymer, but I didn’t know many people who actually went there, so I was curious as to what it was like.

    The biggest change between Primary and Secondary school: One of the biggest changes between Primary and Secondary school was that many of my Primary School friends had all gone to different secondary schools. I was a bit apprehensive about this, but of course I was still able to keep in contact with people. When I joined Latymer, I didn't know many people as lots of other people came from different areas, but I didn’t need to worry as I eventually made lots of friends in my year group.

    My most memorable moment from my time at Latymer: Like many other people in the school, one of my most memorable moments at Latymer was the Cwm trip I went on in Year 7 with my form. We all had lots of fun and it was sort of a holiday as we were learning much different things than we would at school. I also got to meet some teachers from Latymer that I wasn't taught by at school, as well as work with different people to normal.

  • My thoughts about the school before I joined Latymer: My thoughts about the school before I joined Latymer was that it was only focused on education, and there would be no time for other activities. I also thought that the pupils would have the same attitude. Now, of course, I see how wrong I was. Yes, getting good marks is central to schooling, but at Latymer, extra-curricular activities are equally important, hence why there are so many.

    The biggest change between primary and secondary school: There are many differences between my primary school and Latymer, from what we learn to the diverse and plentiful lunchtime and after school activities, but I think that the biggest change is the diversity of subjects. In primary school, we had one teacher who would teach us every subject (excluding English and Maths). In Latymer, however, each teacher teaches one (or occasionally two) subjects, therefore we are able to benefit from a range of different expertise.

    My most memorable moment from my time at Latymer: Even though I am only in Year 8, I already have a multitude of memories from Latymer. But if I had to pick one, it would be performing the piece Remote Control with Concert Strings (then Junior Strings) in Year 7, which is a string orchestra that I am in. This deserves the spot as my most memorable moment because it was the first time that I had played a piece in an orchestra in front of an audience, so it was very important and a great experience.

  • My thoughts about the school before I joined Latymer: When I found out I was going to go to Latymer, I was shocked but incredibly glad that I had managed to pass the test and that my hard work prior to the entrance exams had proved worthwhile. All that being said, however, my excitement soon turned into worry; how would I fit in? I remember my friend saying that everyone at the school carried golden calculators in their pockets and were very posh. Though I knew that this was only a joke, and that my friend was being sarcastic, I was still worried as I was the only one from my primary school who was going to Latymer. My worries soon disappeared, though, as I realised that my friend had managed to get in via the waiting list. Knowing that I wouldn’t be the only one from my primary school going to Latymer was a very reassuring thought.

    The biggest change between primary and secondary school: There were many differences between my primary school and Latymer. At Latymer we had more homework, and there were more students and teachers. Latymer was a lot bigger, and lessons were longer and more challenging. There were small differences, like the fact we bought our own lunches with cards, however the most striking change was how early I had to wake up! During my time a primary school, I would wake up at nine and sprint down the road in order to get to school, whereas I now have to wake up much earlier in order to catch the W8 and make it to Latymer on time.

    The most memorable moment from my time at Latymer so far: As expected, Latymer offers a great deal to students, however, I am certain that a lot of students’ answers to this question, mine included, would be our trip to Cwm in Wales. The school owns a centre in North Wales which Year 7s and 9s go to and enjoy many activities: rock and mountain climbing (my class managed to climb near the top of Snowdon in Year 9!), raft building, caving, motorboat driving, bushcraft, and much more. The activities are really fun and help to create great friendships between students.

  • My thoughts about the school before I joined Latymer: My thoughts about Latymer prior to joining the school was that it seemed a very intelligent school with very high standards. Furthermore, I thought Latymer had a peculiar aura around it with both positive and negative stigmas when looking through different people’s perspectives. This almost meant that the school seemed quite intimidating as you don’t quite know how you matched up to your peers in certain aspects like education and knowledge. However, through hearing various positive stories from people having gone to the school, it gave me the impression that the school was diverse and very welcoming.

    The biggest change between primary and secondary school: The biggest change between primary and secondary school were the responsibilities that were given to you, for example being in charge of how you do things like managing your own learning. There were also smaller changes, like finding out how to navigate your way around the school and adjusting to new social groups and friends, but these were only short term along.

    My most memorable moment from my time at Latymer so far: The most memorable moment from my time at Latymer so far was going onto the ski trip in the spring term of 2017 as it was an exhilarating experience. Not only was I learning how to ski, but I managed to build strong relationships and amazing memories from the resort in Zell Am See, Austria.

  • My thoughts about the school before I joined Latymer: Before I joined Latymer, I was already aware of the wonderful reputation the school had and the amazing facilities available. My primary school friends and I would often discuss which secondary schools we wanted to attend, and Latymer was always the most popular option. Even though it was quite daunting knowing that there would be a test involved to apply for the school, my passion to join Latymer heavily outweighed my fears. I was completely convinced the Latymer School was the perfect school for me.

    The biggest change between primary and secondary school: The change from primary to secondary school was a massive leap for me personally. Everything seemed so much busier and bigger, and I was impatient to finally start secondary school. Although I was completely excited, I was afraid of all the new people and the daily routine of secondary school. However, there were always people to help me adjust to life at Latymer, including all the teachers and the friends I quickly made. As soon as I adjusted to the rhythm of secondary school, it was as if I had been at Latymer all along!

    My most memorable moment from my time at Latymer so far: The most memorable and treasured moment during my time at Latymer was undoubtedly my experiences at Cwm, both in year 7 and 9. Latymer owns a centre in North Wales, and you get to visit for an activities holiday twice over your time at the school. All the activities that we did, the bonds I formed, and the memories I cherished with my form all helped to consider Cwm a once-(or twice!) -in-a-lifetime experience in my book. I remember the pleasure of working together with my classmates as if it were yesterday, and I will remember them for the years to come. Cwm is – without a shadow of a doubt – one of the greatest moments I had ever experienced during my time at Latymer amongst the many others, and I know that many more future students will agree.

  • My thoughts about the school before I joined Latymer: You’ve been offered a place at the Latymer School. Possibly the most daunting nine words I have ever read in my life. Latymer back then was one of those faraway dreams that only those steady in the confidence of their intelligence would even dare wish true. Born as an only child into a family with relatively high expectations (before I’m thirty: get a PhD, become a doctor, dabble in a bit of law and if there’s time learn to speak Urdu fluently), Latymer was only supposed to be no more than a brief chapter in the book. This was anything but the case for me. To an antisocial, slightly awkward 11 year old girl with a grouchy attitude, 7 years at a grammar school amongst people of ‘above average intelligence’ seemed somewhat more than ‘a brief chapter’. If anything, it was to be the most exciting, educational and compelling chapter of my life so far.

    The biggest change between primary and secondary school: Similar to every other helpless bordering-the-edge-of-teenage-yet-still-children children, I was subjected to the odd 11+ practice paper every now and again. I considered this ritual at the time a dangerous level of exposure to my worst phobia: exams under timed conditions. I think that now, caught in the heady midst of my GCSEs, I have come to the realisation that the more of a subject you learn and enjoy, the more bearable the tests become. It was a worry of mine that studying multiple subjects would become too challenging and demanding, and that halfway through my Latymer career I would have to drop out as a result of the stress levels ricocheting sky-high caused by the heavy workload. I am glad to say that this was nothing more than the anxious thoughts of a small girl, and as I write this, I am able to look back and smile at the worries of my younger self. My time here at Latymer has been nothing short of a dream – the education is worth every sliver of praise it has received; teachers are dedicated beyond belief; and friendships are formed that will last a lifetime.

    My most memorable moment from my time at Latymer so far: There is no single moment from my five years at Latymer that I would consider the most memorable. The school offers so many extracurricular activities and trips that even now, the 5-year-old in me squeals in excitement every time a trip is announced. The Latymer staff try harder than any other school I know to physically engage their pupils in the classwork, whether it be crazy class lab practicals, or visits abroad to win the interests of the students. The language exchanges were without a doubt some of my favourite school trips, as I had the rare and fantastic opportunity to live as a native in Gladbeck, Germany for a week. Educational excursions such as these are seldom offered in other London schools, even the independent ones, so I am extremely grateful for Latymer having hosted some of my best memories during my years here, ones which are sure to stay with me for the rest of my life.