Latymer Laureate Christmas Poem

Latymer Laureate Christmas Poem

Latymer Laureate Christmas Poem

Latymer Laureate Christmas Poem

As we prepare for the Christmas break, the Apprentice Latymer Laureate, Jemima, has written a poem to celebrate the holiday. It is the first poem that she has composed in her new role and we look forward to many more from both her and the Latymer Laureate Lai Ling.

Jemima Peterson

Christmas spirit -
A candle
Passed down through generations
Its purpose?
To melt away winter
To raise our chins
To unfurrow our brows
To smooth the wrinkles
And prepare
For the waiting onslaught of the coming year.
Every house has one
And when the light does shine
It becomes a home.
Family and friends flock to it
To warm their hands
And smile again.

But what I say to that
Yes, Christmas is the festive season
A time for rejoicing,

But -
Where does Christmas spirit fit in?
All the good cheer
Is created by the individual
And them alone.
They have to warm their hands
With their own flame.
A communal flame would get snuffed out
By the winter wind.

It is our own actions
Our own deeds
Our own mindsets
That make us be merry.
There is no magical force
That sweeps across the land
Righting wrong
Standing people up
Who are fallen on the ground.

But we like to think so.
So it exists
If just in our minds.

So in our minds
We flock to it
To warm our hands
And smile again.

Winter Journey
Lai Ling Berthoud

Where a phosphorus glow smiles,
Condensation drips -
Winter strangling the land,
Secret ferns of frost stretching out their fingers.
Where ravenous creatures sit
In dormitories of numbing air and
Dusty illusions of light.
Where dotted lines track snow angels and
Black pine stained oceans
Bound feral over the darkened slopes.
Where silence alone,
In the deafening vastness of the forest,
Falls soft upon the unbroken snow,
Reflecting the morning sun's spread of
Blue and tangerine.

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