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Economics Society

Economics Society

Economics Society

Economics Society is run to provide activities such as economic games, book club, debating to encourage students to explore this exciting subject in a creative way.

•Economic and Business studies drop in sessions are every week for Year 13's on Tuesday period 1 in room 52
•The Economic Society taster session starts the week beginning 14th November 2016 at 12:50pm in room 52 or 61

Economic Games

Students are given the opportunity to take part in economics games giving them practical experience in decision making at macro and micro economic level at our fortnightly sessions.

• Economic Games are every Week 1 Monday room 52 at 12:50pm

Economics Enquiry

Economic Enquiry provides an opportunity for students to research and deliver a presentation on a topic of their choice to their peer group.

Tuesday 24th - The Gender Pay Gap
Tuesday 31st – The implications of Brexit
Tuesday 21st - Narcotics in the Economy
Tuesday 28th – Investment Banking
Tuesday 27th – Famenomics
Tuesday 21st - Trumponomics

Recent Activities

July 2018- Programme of this years economic conference

22/03/18 LSE students came to talk to Latymer students

Nabeel Nauzer and Niklas Mckerrell, past students from Latymer, kindly returned to the school today to talk to students interested in the humanities and the corporate world. They delivered a presentation introducing the corporate sector and offered their valuable advice as students attempting to enter the spheres of finance and consultancy, and corporate law. Common assumptions about the academic route to such corporate destinations were busted, with Niklas Mckerrell confirming 50% of those who find themselves in Corporate Law Firms were non-law students.

Helpfully, the audience were given top tips on the tough task of building up a CV; signing up to insight programmes and following a news article as a stepping stone to building up corporate awareness were some recommendations amongst many. Such insight programmes are run by organisations such as JP Morgan, with certain programmes operating to ensure diversity of applicants. A useful source to raise commercial awareness is the Bright Network newsletter, and a subscription to the Economist was recommended. Research should go into schemes which enable networking and experience. Bright Network offers a chance to network with innovative minds free of charge, while SEO London aim to help Years 11-13 broaden their horizons with enrichment opportunities. As part of their research, students were encouraged to consider what values they believe firms should adopt, for example, a consideration of work environment or an attention to the importance of diversity. During an interview, the speakers encouraged students to mention deals or current affairs only if they have an awareness of the intricate dynamics involved.

The talk was well attended and we would like to thank Niklas and Nabeel for being so generous with information and their time.